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Super bright RGB SMT LED

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article image Surface-mount chip for innovative consumer electronics.

MANUCO Electronics has released Sharp's range of super luminosity chip LEDs. The GM5WA06270A is an RGB LED housed in a compact surface-mount chip for consumer electronics.

It achieves an intensity of up to 30 lux at a distance of 50cm. It also provides a colour mixture brightness of 3cd. The chip's TAF six-pin package has a thickness of 2.4mm and can use a larger drive current without an increased degradation of the LED.

The six-pin configuration allows series connection of LEDs as a backlight to drive colours independently with the same current, reducing power consumption and offering good control of both heat output and colour.

The super luminosity TAF (tough and flush) LED is a three-die chip LED that provides exceptional colour reproducibility. Because of its brightness it can be used as a light source for mobile phones with built-in cameras, or as a backlight for instrument panels or LCDs.

It is also a design alternative for single-die white LEDs for small electronics equipment.

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