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Smart Force LED Solutions from Manuco Electronics (Sharp)

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Manuco Electronics (Sharp)  offers the Smart Force™ LED Solutions from ERG, a specialist in power solutions for LCD backlights since 1979.

Use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) in backlit LCDs is rapidly growing from smaller LCD panels to applications across the entire spectrum of LCD sizes.

The new generation of high-bright LEDs (HBLEDs) provide a quantum leap in brightness as well as higher reliability, more durability, lower power consumption, better dimming and operation over a wider temperature range. 

They also create new challenges for the power supply driving the LED BLU, challenges that cannot be met by the many single chip ICs available on the market.

Getting optimum performance from LED BLUs requires a full-function power supply.

ERG has introduced a new generation of LED backlight drivers and LED rails called Smart Force™ LED Solutions.

ERG has introduced the ERG Smart Kits™ for popular displays that will provide everything one needs to get their backlight OEM panels up and running.

Thinking single-chip IC? Think again.

A chip may look good for an LED BLU application at first, but consider the voltage the device needs across it to accurately regulate current. Is there enough voltage remaining across the device to light the LED string and provide proper current regulation?

What temperature are the LED voltages specified at? Say, it is 25ºC (approx. 77ºF). If one were to take the LED string below 25ºC (unlit) and then power the string, the LEDs may not light at all because the LED string voltage is greater.

ERG Smart Force™ LED driver boards are designed to account for this voltage change and can light across the entire normal operating range of temperatures, with no time or expense devoted to designing a boost circuit.

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