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Sharp’s new touch screen LCDs with LED backlighting

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article image The 7.0-inch touch screen TFT- LCD Panel

Two new TFT-LCDs – one 5.0-inch panel with resistive touch and one 7.0-inch panel – deliver LED backlighting rated at 10,000 hours (MIN.) of operation. Additionally, both panels feature built-in LED drivers, saving engineers time, effort, and expense. They are available from Manuco Electronics (Sharp) .

These two landscape-mode, low-reflection panels incorporate high-performance colour filters for increased brightness and wider colour gamut. The LEDs also deliver high colour rendering and energy efficiency. The crisp, vibrant images that result make both displays ideal for multi-media applications.

The 5.0-inch touch screen TFT-LCD Resistive Touch Panel (LQ050W1LA0A)

This new Sharp 5.0-inch landscape-mode panel incorporates a four-wire resistive touch panel. Fine pixel pitch makes this panel ideal for applications such as GPS and mapping, as well as instrumentation applications like oscilloscopes. Graphics and text can be displayed on a 1024 x 3 x 600 dots panel with 262,144 colours using an LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signalling) interface that supplies +3.3V DC for TFT-LCD panel driving and backlight operation.

The 7.0-inch touch screen TFT-LCD Panel (LQ070Y3DG3A)

This new 7.0-inch display adds yet another size option to Sharp’s LED-backlight line. Graphics and text can be displayed on a 800 x 3 x 480 dots panel with 16,194,277 colours by using a 24-bit digital signal interface (RGBx8-bit) and +3.3V DC supply voltage for both the TFT-LCD panel drive and backlight supply voltage.

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