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Sharp LCD Monitors for Business Display from Manuco Electronics (Sharp)

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Manuco Electronics (Sharp)  offers Sharp’s large-format, high-performance LCD monitors designed to meet the diverse requirements of business display applications.  

These LCD monitors offer solid reliability, durability as well as easy operation and come in a wide range of sizes with a choice of portrait or landscape installation, allowing customers to choose the monitor best suited to location and purpose.  

Not only are Sharp LCD monitors a dynamic and effective way to convey information, but they also add visual impact to offices and public spaces with the added advantage of low power consumption.  

Sharp’s UV2A technology found in the PN-E601 and PN-E521, delivers extremely deep blacks and bright, vivid colours while offering additional energy savings through efficient use of light from the backlight.  

Key features of Sharp LCD monitors:

  • The 1,920 (H) x 1,080 (V) pixel full-HD resolution of Sharp LCD monitors ensures that none of the detail or visual impact is lost
  • Fine-print text and intricate graphics are stunningly crisp and clear
  • Sharp’s cutting-edge LCDs with their wide viewing angles can be seen clearly from almost any direction even in brightly lit environments
  • Adding the Interface Expansion Board (optional) gives these LCD monitors a full array of input/output jacks, enabling connection with other equipment for display of a wide variety of content
  • Sharp Digital Signage Software provides total support including programme editing, distribution and display for the development of creative display systems
  • Ease of installation with thin and lightweight design
  • Convenient to mount with a choice of portrait or landscape installation to suit content and application
  • With Enlarge (Zoom) Display mode, installations of up to 5 x 5 monitors can be placed together to display one grand image

Sharp LCD monitors are ideal for use in 24-hour stores, monitoring rooms and other demanding environments that require round-the-clock operation seven days a week.

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