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Sharp 4.3 inch TFT LCD LQ043T3DX04

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MANUCO Electronics , representing Sharp, has introduced the next-generation 4.3-inch landscape TFT-LCD LQ043T3DX04.

With new digital display features, superior colour and image quality, it is ideal for use in mobile A/V products.

The new digital landscape display features a 16:9 aspect ratio, 480 x 272 pixel format, and is capable of displaying 16 million colours.

Manuco Electronics is offering this display module as a standard part to meet the growing needs of design engineers in Australia developing new and emerging mobile products with audio/visual capabilities, such as gaming devices, portable media players and portable DVD players.

These new multimedia devices demand a significantly wider range of colours, higher brightness, high contrast, and low power consumption in a landscape orientation. The product is also suitable for PDA's, GPS devices, instrumentation and portable medical equipment that require greater on-screen performance.

In the past, OEMs developing mobile A/V products were limited to portrait mode displays; this taxed the ARM microprocessor or DSP to rotate the images into a landscape orientation. The symmetrical viewing cone gives engineers the option of using the display in either landscape or portrait mode.

The display comes with a standard TFT interface. Because it is backlit by seven LED's, the colour screen can be continuously dimmed, saving additional power for other functions.

Developed with proprietary Advanced Super View (ASV) technology, the display features a 160-degree (H) x 160-degree (V) viewing cone, so images can be viewed from any angle without colour reversal.

Its low-reflective black screen yields higher contrast, good black level uniformity, and a high image quality. ASV technology results in superior display performance that allows the user the flexibility to view highly saturated, crisp graphics, video and still images in a wide range of ambient lighting conditions, says the company.

Sharp's new 4.3-inch landscape display joins a broad lineup of mobile displays, including a 3.6-inch digital landscape display, and positions Sharp to provide high-quality displays to this highly competitive market segment. As an industry leader in display technology, Sharp's new landscape display offers design engineers the optimum choice for superior performance and power efficiency in a standard-size module at a very competitive price.

The display integrates with Sharp's line of BlueStreak Microcontrollers and System-on-Chip devices, and fits well within full system solutions from Sharp that also include Flash memory, imagers and optoelectronics.

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