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Manuco Electronics ’ new SVH-1920 from Digital View is a feature-rich, multi-sync interface controller designed to support the latest generation of high-resolution LCDs and high-definition video FPDs.

It provides full screen buffering, multi-panel support, and a range of inputs - including ARGB, DVI and Video, with an upgrade path for an HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) connection.

This high-performance controller board can drive TFT LCDs at resolutions from VGA all the way up to WUXGA, with full screen image expansion and excellent picture quality.

It provides a convenient, cost-effective single-board solution for a wide variety of OEM monitor and packaged flat panel display applications, including 1080I, 1080P, 1035I, 720P, 480I, and 480P HDTV formats.

The SVH-1920 incorporates two key technologies to offer a unique solution for high-definition LCDs. It uses the most advanced video scan conversion and de-interlacer video-processing ICs, and combines them with Digital View's ability to drive multiple panels from a single controller board, regardless of manufacturer.

The SVH-1920 provides much faster output, eliminating any artifacts in the image when it gets to the screen. The company says it is ideal for applications such as DTV, HDTV, FPTV, film post-processing, medical diagnostic displays, digital signage and a range of high-reliability military applications.

The TV industry is moving away from 640 x 480 pixel VGA resolution to 1920x1200 pixel WUXGA, and the entire infrastructure has to be upgraded. The SVH-1920 provides a single-board solution to do this. It's also ideal for the new 1080I video standard, where the output signal from the computer will be1920 x 1080 pixels and the resolution of the panel must match that exactly.

SVH-1920 features include:

• High-Quality Advanced Scaling, with support for non-linear scaling modes

• Analog RGB Input Port supporting up to WUXGA @ 60 Hz, with support for analog component (YpbPr) video input

• Video input port for optional ITBU 656 and 24/16-bit YUV input

• Variable-size PiP and PaP display capabilities

• Frame Rate Conversion and Interface

• RealColour Technology

• Advanced OSD

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