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New 7 inch TFT LCD Industrial Displays from Manuco Electronics (Sharp)

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article image New 7 inch TFT LCD Industrial Displays

Sharp has recently released a new range of industrial displays with 7 inch diagonal screen, 16:9 format and LED backlighting. Available from Manuco Electronics (Sharp) , the displays are suitable for a variety of portable test, measurement and input devices covering many industrial sectors including logistics, transport, medicine, vehicle manufacturing and repair, the hotel trade and catering, etc – as well as various consumer applications such as pocket PCs, media players and electronic picture frames.

To cater for as many applications as possible, Sharp is unveiling a series totalling five industrial standard 7 inch TFT LCDs at the beginning of 2010. The series ranges from the mechanically resilient Strong2 class with robust screens and an extended temperature range from -30 to 80°C to a "light" type variant, with an operating temperature of -20 to 50°C; designed for consumer applications. This display also comes available as a touch screen model and with 300 cd/m² it possesses comparatively high brightness and but maintains an equal amount of contrast as its non touch screen sister model. The TFT LCD is also conveniently slim, at 7.1 millimetres.

The five new 7 inch industrial displays all feature a LED-based backlight which, compared with conventional CCFL backlights, have rapid responsiveness and good dimming qualities. This makes it easy to control the brightness so that legibility is maintained even in frequently changing light conditions.

LED backlights are also mechanically beneficial. With depths of between 6 and 9 millimetres, Sharp’s new 7 inch TFT LCDs have less than half the depth of comparable CCFLs, and are therefore more mechanically robust.

Sharp’s industrial displays also have thermal management features which make them even more suitable for industrial use. At low and ambient temperatures below zero degrees Celsius LED backlights can often achieve a life of 200,000 hours, delivering their full light output immediately after being turned on. However, LEDs are less resilient to high temperatures as the generation of large amounts of heat must be effectively minimised as it can damage the LCD panel and backlight, considerably reducing their life. Consequently, Sharp has produced a chassis for LED backlit industrial displays where the backlighting LEDs are linked thermally directly with the mechanical parts of the module. Waste heat is thereby vented effectively through the rear of the display so that no harmful heat accumulates. The 7 inch series Strong2 display can therefore be operated in environments ranging from – 30 to 80°C, achieving a life of approximately 50,000 hours. 

Part numbers for the Sharp 7 inch industrial LCD with LED Backlight:

  • LQ070Y3DG3A
  • LQ070Y3DG3B
  • LQ070Y3LG4A
  • LQ070Y3LG1C
  • LQ070Y3LW01

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