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Manuco Electronics launch M3-310 media player with direct LCD interface

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article image The M3-310 media player

The M3-310, available from Manuco Electronics (Sharp) , is a board-level solid-state digital video/audio player integrated with a LCD interface for driving a LCD panel directly. Videos and pictures are stored and played directly from a Compact Flash memory card. The M3-310 features drives panels from 640 x480 (VGA) up to 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) and is suitable for custom monitor signage applications.

The M3-310 supports the following content format:

  • Video: MPEG - 1 (352 x 288, PAL, 25fps), MPEG - 1 (352 x 240, NTSC, 29.97fps), MPEG - 2 (720 x 576, PAL, 25fps), MPEG - 2 (720 x 480, NTSC, 29.97fps), MPEG - 4 (720 x 576, PAL, 25fps), MPEG - 4 (720 x 480, NTSC, 29.97fps)
  • Still Picture: JPEG
  • Audio: 44.1 kHz Stereo, 224kbit/s
  • Codec: MPEG-1/2 (.mpg), JPEG (.jpg), MPEG-4 DivX (.avi)

Following are the features of the M3-310:

  • Panel Connectivity: 1600x1200; 1280x768; 800x480; 1366x768; 1024x768; 640x480; 1280x1024; 800x600
  • Panel Power: Supports 3.3V/5V panels
  • Panel Signal: TTL(single pixel) and LVDS
  • OSD Functions: Set Date/Time/ID, Volume, Brightness/Contrast
  • IR Control: Display/0-9/Play/Stop/Repeat/Pause/Volume/Track/Mute
  • Play Modes: Playlist mode, simple play mode, schedule playback
  • USB Update: Entire/Partial update, Auto power cycling after USB plug/unplug
  • Interactivity: Supports 16 buttons, Touch screen, Motion sensor, Barcode code scanner, Serial port control

Specification of the M3-310 includes:

  • Playable format: .mpg/.jpg/.avi
  • Storage media: Compact Flash Card
  • Audio output: Speaker out
  • Playback functions: Play/Stop/Pause/Repeat/Previous track/Next track/Volume/Mute/Loop playback/Sequence play/Startup mode/Sleep mode
  • Touch screen functions: Support Analogue touch glass and ITO (segment type) touch glass

External I/O ports:

  • RS-232 (9600, N-8-1)
  • USB (Content upload)
  • Infra-red (Use with DV IR handset)
  • Remote Extension (For button and touch)

Other Features:

  • LEDs: Power LED (Green), Status LED (Green) 
  • Watchdog: Support system reset 
  • Real time clock: Battery-backup RTC
  • Power requirement: DC 12V input
  • Auxiliary power out: 5V DC and 12V DC (With fuse protect)
  • Power consumption: 560mA at 12V (no panel connection)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity, (Non-condensing condition)
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 147mm x 92mm x 18mm
  • Weight (net): 135g

Options: CF Card, DV IR handset, speakers, volume knob, Touch glass, 8-button keypad, power supply, cables, DV Studio software, OSD switch mount kit, Panel cable

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