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Manuco Electronics Presents the Complete Line-Up of Low-Power Sharp LCDs

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article image Low-Power Sharp LCD from Manuco

Manuco Electronics (Sharp)  presents the complete line-up of low-power Sharp LCDs ranging from 1.35” to 6.02” to cover a broad range of applications.

Through an integrated image memory, Sharp Memory LCDs only require around one percent of the power used by conventional TFT LCDs and are particularly suited for low-power use.

In addition to the 1.35-inch model (LS013B4DN02) introduced last year, Sharp is introducing Memory LCDs in new sizes: 

  • Two 2.7-inch displays with a resolution of 400 x 240 pixels
  • A 2.94-inch model with a resolution of 456 x 240 pixels

Sharp is also planning the introduction of a 6.02-inch model to specifically address the e-books market and other portable reading devices. For this particular market segment, Sharp is aiming to supplement the range with transflective and touchscreen models later this year.

Unlike the usual reflective memory LCDs, transflective memory LCDs offer the option of adding backlighting so that e-books or other applications can also be used in the dark.

The Memory LCDs with touchscreen ensure that these devices are user-friendly. Thanks to the capacitive touchscreen LCD, e-books can be designed in such a way that readers can turn the pages almost like a paper book.

A 4.4-inch LCD is also due for launch in the autumn.

These innovative System LCDs are based on Sharp's own Continuous Grain Silicon (CGS) technology. This enables it to equip each pixel with a 1-bit memory that stores the image information uploaded onto the screen. Image information therefore only needs to be rewritten in those pixels in which the content has changed compared to the previous picture frame.

As reflective displays, Memory LCDs do not require any backlighting. The combined effect means that Memory LCDs only have 0.8 percent of the power consumption of conventional displays of the same size.  

A 1.35-inch memory LCD uses 15 µW in operation, whereas a standard LCD of comparable size requires around 2 mW to display an image. Even the 6.02-inch LCD only needs up to 3.5 mW at a frame frequency of 1 Hz.

Memory LCDs also offer a unique image representation. Thanks to a special Polymer Network Liquid Crystal (PNLC) material, the image is generated by the status of the pixel changing from transparent to white with a reflectivity of 50%. This gives the display a silver-metallic appearance that is particularly suited to high-end applications.

Through their minimal consumption of power, small solar cells can supply sufficient electricity to run the new Memory LCDs. The new type of display is an ideal solution for small portable applications such as e-books, wristwatches, heart rate monitors and various fitness devices.

Sharp also offers Memory LCDs as 3-volt models to facilitate operation with conventional lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

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