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LCD controllers from Manuco Electronics (Sharp)

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Manuco Electronics (Sharp) supply LCD controllers to a range of industries to convert analogue signals into the format required to drive a digital LCD panel.

There are now many different types of digital processing and display technology on the market, but the outputs and connections between these different devices have remained resolutely analogue.

Many analogue formats have endured due to a lack of standards, the volume of installed legacy equipment and the difficulties in delivering digital signals over long distances.

LCD controllers provide a flexible solution that enables users to plug different devices into a single display, as well as possessing features that add critical functionality to a range of applications.

LCD controllers are still widely used in industrial, medical and military environments due to a large volume of legacy professional equipment still in the field..

Other customers are looking at centralizing systems and driving multiple displays through networks due to the rising cost of ever higher specification PCs.

The reliability of LCD controllers allows customers to find hardware solutions to improve reliability in systems that are growing in complexity.

LCD controllers from Manuco Electronics (Sharp) are currently used in:

  • industrial applications
  • pro-vide/broadcast applications
  • security & surveillance applications
  • military applications
  • digital signage applications
  • aviation applications; and
  • medical applications.

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