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Manuco Electronics  offers Glass Bonding (G-bonding) to Australia and New Zealand, to improve sunlight readability for standard TFT LCD displays in high-ambient conditions.

Utilising advanced proprietary optical technology, G-bonding overcomes optical challenges for the LCD user, at an affordable price.

In a wide assortment of applications, high ambient lighting conditions result in a washed out display.

Commercially available LCD displays do not offer enough brightness to make the display functional in outdoors or in other high ambient light applications.

The exclusive G-BOND process results in a reduction of ambient light reflections compared to other display enhancement technologies.

How G-BOND works:

  • G-BOND reduces the reflective loss from all three surfaces to less than 2% (if AR glass is used)
  • G-BOND can increase contrast by 3-5 fold making most standard displays daylight viewable
  • G-BOND reduces the need for high bright backlights
  • G-BOND eliminates the cell gap, preventing moisture from fogging behind the cover glass
  • G-BOND increases thermal conductivity, lowering the display temperature

Markets served:


  • Marine navigation
  • GPS
  • Avionics
  • In-vehicle computer systems


  • Ambulatory
  • Patient monitors
  • Medical imaging

Test and measurement

  • Portable logic analysers
  • Oscilloscopes

Point of sale

  • ATMs
  • Order verification kiosks
  • Information kiosks

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