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Glass Armoured resistive technology from A D Metro by Manuco Electronics

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article image A D Metro’ ULTRA

Manuco distributes A D Metro’ s ULTRA in Australia, a glass armoured resistive technology.  ULTRA is an excellent alternative to standard resistive when durability is an issue and is a proven technology deployed in thousands of applications worldwide.

A D Metro holds a broad US patent for the invention and process of manufacturing a glass fronted resistive touch sensor (often known as glass on glass or glass/film/glass and potentially an infringement on the company’s IP, which they vigorously protect).

ULTRA is a micro-thin sheet of borosilicate glass which is laminated to the ITO polyester top sheet used in the typical construction of resistive touch sensors. This A D Metro patented process produces a flexible glass membrane which is scratch resistant, water proof and impervious to chemicals, fire and stylus use. The resulting touch sensor is suited to Military, Industrial, Mobile, Public Kiosk and Medical applications.

ULTRA glass armoured configurations are available for 4, 5, and 8 wire sensors from 2.5" to 20.1".

The following are some of ULTRA’s features: 

  • Abrasion and scratch resistant;
  • Water proof and impervious to flames, chemicals, solvents etc..;
  • Maintains all typical benefits of resistive technology; 
  • Expanded operating environmental window. Can operate where no other technology can;
  • Lasts longer due to the stiffer glass/polyester top layer which reduces ITO fracturing failures including damage from stylus use; 
  • Reduced pillowing possibility of the top layer as glass/polyester lamination has a closer expansion/contraction coefficient to the substrate glass; 
  • The glass/polyester top layer does not shatter and allows the sensor to continue to operate even after extreme abuse such as deep scoring, repeated impact trauma and other vandalism;
  •  If the substrate breaks, the broken glass shards are safely held behind the glass/polyester top layer which will remain intact.

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