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Digital View adds Interactive Anti-Theft Cradle

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Manuco Electronics (Sharp)  distributes products from Digital View, the AV and digital signage hardware manufacturer.  

Digital View has added a plug-and-play, interactive, anti-theft exhibit cradle to its range of ViewStream solid state media player accessories.  

The anti-theft cradle offers an effective mechanism for demonstrating high value items in open display.  

The items are attached to a flexible recoiling security lead using high-power magnets, which can only be broken by applying extreme force.  

The combination of display item and securing mechanism then rests neatly into a holster cradle.  

The anti-theft cradle is programmed so that when the display product is picked up or viewed, it outputs an interactive command that changes the content on a Digital View ViewStream or VideoFlyer digital media system.  

If the coil is cut or the magnet broken, the anti-theft cradle sounds a high volume alarm.  

Digital View ViewStream media players are employed widely in digital merchandising, POP and museums where video content and rich media is used to bring exhibits and products alive.  

The ViewStream range is made up of specialised digital media players, which offer ‘bullet-proof’ reliability and up to 1080P HD digital playout from a solid state, fan-less, linux core.  

They deliver crystal clear video playback, offer full touch screen interactivity, barcode compatibility and a complete RS-232 device control interface.  

Content can be scheduled and updated either via USB or ethernet/ internet connectivity.  

The anti-theft cradle is compatible with all Digital View ViewStream media players.  

It features battery back-up power and a powered recoil to enable exhibits (such as mobile phones or cameras) to be powered on for demonstration.  

The interactive control board plugs directly into the ViewStream player and can support either four or eight different exhibit cradles at the same time, allowing a whole range of examples to be display simultaneously.

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