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Aquos Liquid Crystal television presented by Manuco Electronics (Sharp)

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AQUOS Liquid Crystal television by Manuco Electronics (Sharp) enhances viewing experience with colour, detail, and sound.

Thanks to AQUOS  use of 100Hz Fine Motion Advanced technology, pictures have 100 frames per second (double the conventional 50 frames per second) by supplementing the picture from the preceding and following scenes using Sharp’s unique algorithm. This technology coupled with the new ASV LCD developed for high-speed moving images provides smooth and clear pictures for quickly moving sports scenes and clear lettering in moving captions without motion blur. (D83 and D53 series)

AQUOS uses a 16:9 full-HD panel (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) to deliver high resolution with the same quality as the 1080p/1080i picture signal format of high-definition broadcasting, Blu-ray discs, and modern gaming devices. With twice the image information of WXGA panels (1,366 x 768 pixels), AQUOS provides dynamic entertainment with outstanding detail and precision. (G5, D83 and D63 series) 

By employing non-halogen resins in the cabinet and lead-free solder on the main circuit boards,  Sharp creates less impact on the environment, even after the units are disposed of. 

Sharp has the world’s most advanced facility for the integrated production of AQUOS from the manufacturing of LCD panels to assembly of final products in Kameyama, Japan, producing the world’s largest* eighth-generation motherglass. 

The plant is a “Super Green Factory” with highly advanced technology that Sharp has striven for. A cogeneration system and photovoltaic power generating system supply the plant with about one-third of the energy needs in-house. The plant reduces CO2 emissions by about 40% compared with conventional models.  Furthermore,  all waste water from the production process is collected and recycled.

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