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Using computers for precision forging

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article image Total transparency on the factory floor.

PRECISION forging company Westray Engineering has installed dynamic resource control (DRC) software to better understand its job cost factors and expedite its orders.

The multifaceted manufacturer that provides pole-line fittings, track fasteners, flight bars for mines, large size bolts and many other heavy duty items can now have total transparency of the costs of each job.

"We wanted more accuracy in knowing what it was costing us to make a component in the factory," Westray Engineering's Sharen Rixon said.

"Previously it was based on the technical manager's expertise and analysis, but since putting in ManuSoft DRC we now know exactly how much a job would be making or losing, hence we eliminate guesswork on productivity.

"We tried the traditional time-sheet method, but the minute the manufacturing staff had to use a time sheet and input a pin number it becomes an time-intensive issue.

"We have also swapped over to the ManuSoft accounting package because to upgrade our current system and then to do a GST-related upgrade would have cost at least $12,000, so we seamlessly integrated the DRC accounting package."

ManuSoft is a touchscreen system that can be used by any computer novice on the factory floor. The modular system covers the complete range of manufacturing activities from job quoting, through production control, stock and inventory control, cost tracking and onto product dispatch.

These activities can be carried out either as independent functions or as a fully integrated resource planning system.

Westray Engineering has 10 users across two touchscreens. The flexibility and simplicity of use means after minimal touchscreen training everyone can access any parts of the system except those restricted by management. Manufacturing Software 02 9542 3066.

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