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MANUFACTURING control of high quality electronic air conditioning control systems has ensured an Australian company gains prominence in local and specialised export markets.

OEM Electronics Pty Ltd, which manufactures air conditioning and refrigeration controls, has been using ManuSoft dynamic resource control (DRC) software to maintain tight, precise and quality-driven manufacturing processes to hold market dominance against cheap imports.

“First-time accuracy is the critical factor in maintaining our competitive level against what many view as very inferior products made by competitors in Asia,” director of OEM Electronics Carol Freeburn said.

“Most people are well aware that Asia-based manufacturers have almost non-existent labour and overhead costs, so we have to run a precise operation.”

The R&D-driven OEM Electronics has designed, manufactured and assembled a wide range of electronic control systems for the HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) industry.

These include products to suit both domestic and commercial applications distributing to the after-market, OEM and project markets.

Due to quality on-time product, Leasam Controls has a major market share of the dynamic hotel/apartment markets.

Most major hotels and apartments in Australia are now fitted with Leasam Controls.

“ManuSoft has given us expedient control of job allocation and costing,” Ms Freeburn said.

“ManuSoft tracks where each job is in the factory and allows us to see what percentage of the entire task is finished.

“Should a client need a sudden or late change (particularly common on printed circuit board manufacture), ManuSoft changes the bill of material components at the touch of a keystroke.

“We can even run dummy bills to see how orders and component shortages impact production.

“Component shortages, a major international problem created by the growing IT and mobile telephone markets, require a constant dynamic approach to ensure supply.”

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