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17/02/12 - Australian engineering and fabrication services specialist Interfab installed its first MRP system, ManuSoft in 1992 for better efficiencies in design, production, inventory control and costing.
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20/02/03 - MANUSOFT has taken another step to ensure clients fully utilise growth potential in their software investment by forming a consulting service to partner them through times of transitional change. Manusoft believes consulting is imperative in maximis
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20/11/02 - AMID what industry analysts have described as the harshest economic circumstances in decades, Unibar Engineering has managed to maintain profits and productivity regardless of the economic climate.
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11/10/02 - ACCURATE quoting times in the competitive sheet metal market has been cited as a major productivity asset in this competitive industry by national supplier Select Metal Fabrications. The sheet metal manufacturer and powder coater has maintained its m
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