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ESPECIALLY at this time of the year, many employers face a formidable task of juggling and approving leave applications.

They need to ensure they are keeping staff happy but retaining the right workforce to do the job for themselves and customers over Christmas-New Year – traditionally a time with high priorities on maintenance and preparations for the year ahead.

One company addressing these needs through its outsourced automated payroll and management systems is Mantrack , which offers an on-line leave management system designed to radically simplify for employees and employers alike the process of planning, applying for and approving leave.

The myLeave Leave Management System eliminates paperwork and cuts delay by enabling employees and supervisors to action time-off applications simply by entering the dates and type of leave being sought after the employee has viewed his or her entitlements online.

Managers can in turn view the applications on a graphical leave planner where they can see the overall pattern of leave applications and personnel availability, helping them to make prompt informed decisions on approvals and staffing levels.

Employees used a personal ID code to get immediate access to their entitlements, while managers can at a glance see all employees’ leave history, leave balances, pending leave applications, authorisations, authorisations awaited and statutory holidays.

Used with the Mantrack PayOffice system, myLeave saves time by eliminating paperwork, enhances employee satisfaction by speeding up the process and helps managers by ensuring compliance with company policies. Because myLeave is a web-based, there is no software to install or support and no additional hardware required to operate the system.

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