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On-line alerts help harassed executives

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MANTRACK has announced a new on-line product designed to help managers cut through detail and focus on issues that are important to their business.

Mantrack's new myPA module of its PayOffice system can be tailored to monitor key payroll or HR events to ensure consistent compliance across an organisation and to issue personalised alerts when guidelines are transgressed.

Alerts can be issued, for example, when:

* Headcount is exceeded or excessive hours/overtime worked by groups or individuals.

* Labour costs exceed budget for day/weekend/week.

* Certificates/contracts/qualifications to expire in a month or other set period.

* Training/appraisals/reviews required.

* Terminations and equipment returns to be facilitated.

* Leave allocations exceeded/payroll addresses/details to be amended.

Mantrack's system is used by Australian and New Zealand companies employing from several hundred to several thousand people, particularly employment-intensive industries and companies routinely using rosters.

Mantrack national sales manager Tony Tiftis says benefits of the myPA Module include real-time notifications and alerts to management, happening on an hourly basis rather than letting problems drag out into extended reporting periods.

"Once managers decide the key issues they need to monitor and set the alert parameters, they can relax knowing that the instant an exception occurs an email will be sent to the appropriate person with full details of the issue to be addressed.

"By practising management by exception - detecting and acting upon anomalous events as they arise - managers remain free of detail concerns so they can focus on the broader picture".

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