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Triple implementation of supply chain solutions

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LEADING supply chain solutions provider Manhattan Associates has announced that Bosch Security Systems has commenced use of its Supply Chain Solutions simultaneously at distribution centres in the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States.

Bosch Security Systems is a division of Bosch group and is one of the largest suppliers of security systems in the world, serving a vast range of customers from hospitals, schools and factories to individual households.

It has implemented Warehouse Management for Open Systems, a component of Manhattan Associates' Integrated Logistics Solutions, along with the solution vendor's Performance Management solution, as part of a worldwide initiative to overhaul its enterprise systems infrastructure.

The Manhattan Associates solutions were implemented initially in the company's Fire and Access division and are integrated with Bosch Security Systems' SAP ERP system.

Bosch expects to see a number of tangible benefits from the implementation, including reduced inventory levels, higher order accuracy and shorter cycle times. With a wide range of product lines and a rapidly growing customer base, Bosch will also be able to scale up its operations efficiently as it grows.

A further benefit is the availability of real-time information about specific warehouse activities, productivity and inventory levels as well as customers, vendors and shippers.

The project has been managed from Bosch Security Systems' headquarters in Munich, Germany. Dr. René Deist, director of IT at Bosch Security Systems, said that he now has a cost-effective and efficient supply chain model that can support the company globally.

The flexibility of Deist’s new logistics solutions means that a single system can meet the very different needs of his supply chain in each country, regardless of product volume.

Further complementing the Netherlands implementation is a duty management system from Langdon Systems. This modular solution for addressing and automating the complex challenges of European Customs legislation allows Bosch to exercise control over its bonded stock.

Bosch is one of a growing number of clients that are exploiting the power of the full integration between Langdon's duty management system and Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management solution. The two systems' ability to share product and customs data seamlessly provide Bosch with a further level of control over its international logistics operations.

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