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MANHATTAN Associates has announced its supply chain solutions strategy for fulfilling the planning and execution needs of retailers.

Through this initiative, retailers can use Manhattan Associates' Integrated Planning Solutions and Integrated Logistics Solutions to solve the specific challenges they face in today's demand-driven supply chain.

As the only solutions provider to offer the complete footprint for supply chain management, Manhattan Associates addresses the comprehensive needs of retailers of all sizes.

Operating on a common business platform, the company's traditional execution offering has expanded to include Advanced Planning, Replenishment and Demand Forecasting.

Manhattan Associates' Supply Chain Solutions help retailers:

* Use a common demand forecast across both planning and execution

* Optimise warehouse operations including labour, slotting and performance

* Create merchandise plans by channel and across channels

* Manage private labels, collaborating with trading partners worldwide

* Run an efficient transportation network for both inbound and outbound transportation from planning and procurement to execution

* Handle forecasting and replenishment for both stores and distribution centers in one solution.

Today's market is becoming increasingly complex and competitive for retailers of all sizes. Large, multi-channel retailers can no longer operate selling channels as individual silos. In order to optimise their supply chain they must have visibility by channel and across channels.

Smaller, niche retailers are faced with the pressures of having small margins for error, less resources and new competition entering the market each and every day. Manhattan Associates' solutions help companies of all sizes address these challenges.

Manhattan Associates' Demand Forecasting solution can be implemented stand alone or as an integrated part of an overall planning and execution strategy.

This solution allows retailers to use a common demand forecast across both planning and execution so retailers can better plan inventory needs, determine labour and transportation requirements and predict slow moving items.

With the ability to adjust operations to actual demand, companies can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

With Manhattan Associates' Advanced Planning solutions-including Financial, Item, Assortment, Promotion, Catalog and Web Planning-retailers can plan and monitor measures and attributes specific to each selling channel.

This visibility allows information to flow seamlessly and enables smarter buying, consistent pricing and improved vendor relations across channels.

With the dynamic logistics capabilities of Manhattan Associates' Transportation Management solutions, retailers can optimise their end-to-end transportation needs.

These solutions help companies plan, procure and execute the entire transportation network-across modes and around the globe.

Manhattan Associates is helping companies develop a demand-driven supply chain. By doing this, companies can improve communication, visibility and decision making.

In November 2005, Chain Store Age and Retail Forward awarded 44 retailers who have sustained a high level of performance over the last three years. Over half the high performance retailers are Manhattan Associates' customers.

Recently, AMR Research ranked the top 25 Supply Chain companies based on their ability to achieve high performance. Thirty-six percent are Manhattan Associates' customers with two being the largest retailers in the world.

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