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Supply chain solutions for New Balance

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MANHATTAN Associates has deployed components of its integrated logistics solutions for New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of athletic footwear in the USA.

New Balance is live with the supply chain execution capabilities of Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and Performance Management solutions in its Boston site, and it is implementing Manhattan Associates' Slotting Optimisation solution as well.

The months after the implementation represented one of the most productive periods New Balance had at their facility since it opened in 1997.

Manhattan Associates' extensive knowledge of the footwear business and the deep functionality of its solutions helped make this project a great success, according to New Balance.

The solutions' built-in integration capabilities and ability to support high levels of automation were vital factors in New Balance’s implementation.

Manhattan Associates' retail compliance guarantee was a key feature for New Balance, supplier to retailers around the country. With Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management solution, New Balance can meet the specific guidelines of the Top 100 retailers for shipping and content labels, VICS standards, LTL/ TL shipping manifests and printed documents. The retail compliance guarantee also includes new and emerging RFID standards.

Manhattan Associates' transportation functionality was also a differentiator. New Balance was able to reduce freight charges, eliminate back end processes, reduce labour costs and ensure in-house control to freight bill auditing and payment.

With the analysis capabilities and scorecard functionality of Manhattan Associates' Performance Management, New Balance will be able to gather data and compare long-term historical trends and Key Performance Indicators. New Balance will also use Performance Management's alerting capabilities to notify users when key events occur.

The combined capabilities of the Warehouse, Transportation and Performance Management solutions will help New Balance more quickly and easily synchronise and analyse many processes in its supply chain for optimised performance says Manhattan Associates.

Manhattan Associates will work with New Balance to help it maintain its competitive edge in the consumer supply chain and meet the requirements of today's sophisticated retailers.

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