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Australian online retailer drives significant productivity improvements with Manhattan Associates

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A successful roll-out of the SCALE product suite by Manhattan Associates at GraysOnline has helped the online retailer enjoy a number of significant productivity gains.

Manhattan SCALE by global supply chain optimisation provider Manhattan Associates is a portfolio of distribution and transportation management solutions built on the Microsoft .NET development platform and the Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server family of products, developed for fast growing organisations looking for a high performing, affordable, and low-risk supply chain solution.

According to Tony Coorey, CIO at GraysOnline, their extremely successful engagement with Manhattan Associates began with the implementation of a warehouse management solution five years ago.

GraysOnline has continued to grow year-on-year by more than 20% since moving their operations online, with Manhattan SCALE facilitating this ongoing growth by helping them consolidate their warehouse operations into one centralised 350,000 square feet distribution centre, which ships up to 4,000 units per day. The company could previously only process 1,100 cartons a day.

Since successfully launching its online business in 2000, GraysOnline now sells more than 120,000 items every month to consumers and businesses from an extensive product portfolio, which ranges from electronic goods and wine, to automotive and mining equipment.

Following the success of Manhattan’s WMS solution in driving productivity enhancements and operational efficiency throughout its supply chain since 2007, GraysOnline decided to upgrade to the latest version of Manhattan SCALE for the embedded Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) capability of the solution, which offers increased inventory visibility, as well as the ability to leverage recent enhancements in the SQL Server database. The company also gave due consideration to the solution’s ability to easily integrate with voice picking technology. 

GraysOnline invested in a number of VOcollect Talkman T5 Mobile Computing Devices, which enhanced the company’s productivity through dedicated voice picking. The company was also able to leverage other mobile technologies such as remote label printing to ensure the fulfilment of wine-related orders.

Key benefits for GraysOnline from the Manhattan SCALE implementation:
  • Significantly reduces the time taken to dispatch orders
  • Picking capacity is doubled at the DC
  • Significant gains from direct integration with voice-enabled picking solutions and wireless printers
  • Integration with voice picking has increased shipping of wine to 2,500 – 3,000 cartons per day
  • Flexible solution continues to support the company’s complex inventory management needs
  • Can be configured to support several warehouse management processes

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