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Waste management solutions provided by Mandalay Technologies

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Mandalay Technologies  has been offering software solutions to the clients for more than 8 years. Mandalay Technologies also has well-known presence in the waste industry. With more than 50 waste management installations, Mandalay Technologies has knowledge and potential to offer customer specific products. This varies from small transfer stations to recycling centre and multi site landfill operations.

Additionally, Mandalay Technologies maintains close relationship with the associates that support the industry. Mandalay Technologies also has established software platform, which has ongoing investment of all waste sites. This ensures Mandalay Technologies to offer reliable product and deliver expected level of service. Mandalay Technologies has also developed training package that can supply services for a diversity of needs.

Some of the services offered by Mandalay Technologies include business operations consulting, training, software solution maintenance, hardware servicing, multiple site data modelling and site layout ergonomics. A comprehensive training program is developed by Mandalay Technologies for each client, highlighting ease of use, benefits and system management processes.

In combination with site management practices, Mandalay Technologies also offers system training, which is orientated to extend consistency to new or upgraded operations. These are aligned with best practice benefits within the waste management solution. Training offered by Mandalay Technologies extends from operator training to administrative staff that needs data management and sophisticated reporting functions.

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