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Makinex launches a new line of petrol and diesel generators

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Makinex introduces three new generators featuring advanced generator technology to offer high efficiency, portability and compact design.

Living up to their motto of ‘making inefficiencies extinct’, Makinex has released the new range of petrol and diesel generators featuring one of the most advanced alternators on the market, manufactured by RFL Australia. Though the new Makinex generators do not contain electronics, they can still deliver inverter quality electrical output for ultimate reliability.

Lightweight and compact, the Makinex MKX-7.5 and MKX-10 petrol generators as well as the MKXD-9 diesel generator are designed for portability and easy transportation. Makinex generators can be connected in parallel allowing two 10Kva generators to produce 20Kva three phase or single phase power, providing the user more flexibility.

Makinex has been specialising in the design and development of equipment and tooling for the broader construction industry.

Director Rory Kennard explains that the new generators are a perfect example of taking a standardised product on the market and significantly improving the design, functionality and efficiency to benefit the end-user.

Key features and benefits of Makinex generators include better efficiency with more power output per engine size; greater fuel efficiency without compromising on power; dual pressure washer, a two-in-one wand and rotary pressure cleaner system; the jackhammer trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool; and a range of floor saws for cutting through concrete and asphalt.

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