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Towers, tower internals and mist eliminators offered by Majortech

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A broad range of Towers and Tower internals is offered by Majortech . The products that are offered by Majortech utilise most up-to-date and traditional technologies. Complete designing, manufacture and construction of towers and columns are offered by Majortech. These are offered as individual equipment or as a part of a complete system.

Majortech provides services and solutions related to mist elimination. To achieve this eight AIROL chevron profiles are offered by Majortech. Most of these are available in stainless alloys, fibreglass and polypropylene. CTI mesh style mist eliminator is also offered by Majortech, either alone or as a combination with chevron style.

In addition to chevron and mesh style mist eliminators, the necessary stainless alloy, fibreglass, ductwork, polypropylene housings, spray headers, support beams and hold down clamp systems are also offered by Majortech.

Current applications which are offered include heat exchange/ energy recovery systems, wet scrubbing systems, air washer/ cleaners, de-bottlenecking and gas-oil service.

To accomplish high competence in packed tower there is a requirement of proper distribution of liquids. If any variation from consistent distribution of phases occurs, it leads to reduced contact between the gas and liquid phases which results in less transfer of mass and lower efficiency.

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