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Air pollution control and waste water treatment products offered by Majortech

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Majortech  offers various products that include products related to air pollution, waste water treatment, tower and internals and mass transfer media. A wide range of product solutions is offered by Majortech for various industries.

Majortech has developed a line of product specifically designed to make almost all the system operation. These products also augment the performance and lower the cost of running and maintenance.

Majortech offers products for control of air pollution as well. The control of pollutants is judged by their physical state, whether the pollutants are vapours, gases or particles.

Control of pollutants which are in gaseous form is usually accomplished by different processes. Majortech specialises in absorption equipment such as cross-flow, counter-flow, spray-tower, plate-type and tray.

Adsorbents that have comparatively large effective surface-to-volume ratios such as alumina, activated carbon and molecular sieves including synthetic and natural zeolites are used for capturing gaseous pollutants. The appropriate system offered by Majortech is selected on a case-by-case basis be it particulate removal or gas absorption.

Wastewater treatment is carried out by the use of chemical, mechanical or biological techniques available. Treatment generally includes primary and secondary treatment procedures. These together with sludge removal and treatment complete the waste water treatment.

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