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A new development in MHM range is XP32 Machinery Health Expert.

XP32 Machinery Health Expert is a portable alternative to the 4500 family of products, which is an ideal option for machinery troubleshooting, commissioning, run-ups and coast downs or anytime on-demand monitoring is required.

Example applications of XP32 Machinery Health Expert

Bump in the night: You have a machine that exhibits intermittent high vibration levels. No one knows exactly when it will happen, what causes it or whether it is a genuine problem. Set up XP32 Machinery Health Expert and it will continuously stream data on up to 32 channels and 4 tachs to the onboard hard drive.

Then, if the event occurs, you will have the detailed data to investigate cause, timing and nature of the defect. Software configured channels mean you can wire in other process signals such as temperature, pressures, flow etc to correlate with your data.

Return to service: Your critical turbo machinery is being restarted after a major outage. The XP32 provides a live dashboard of real time data (spectra, trends, waveforms, orbits, shaft centerline, bode, signal gauges) to allow you to instantly assess how the machine is running up and settling to steady state. This live capability is good and updates multiple times per second.

Trip investigations: Your machinery protection system trips and shut downs your critical plant. Your manager needs to know – can he or she start the machine or is there a risk of serious and consequential damage?

XP32 Machinery Health Expert will automatically archive data from its hard drive to your server, based on a change in RPM, high levels, relay input or any combination of these.

Moreover, even if you do not have automatic archiving set up properly, you can simply extract the data from the on board hard drive and then use your analysis tools to play back the data and watch in detail what occurred.

XP32 Machinery Health Expert is a data collector, data viewer, data recorder and data manager, all in a single instrument, which can record continuous-time wave-forms over 100 hours in length. XP32 Machinery Health Expert also has the ability to view live plots with updates as fast as 5 times per second.

Some of the recent applications for the new XP32 Machinery Health Expert include bucket wheel reclaimers/dredgers and power house monitoring pre or post outage. the reliable management of critical assets such as these is seeing a greater need for XP32 Machinery Health Expert.

XP32 Machinery Health Expert is available from Maintenance Systems Consolidated .

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