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Mainsaver offers end-to-end CMMS solutions

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Mainsaver  offers end to end CMMS solutions inside an integrated framework of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Computerised maintenance software solutions of Mainsaver are developed from MRO inventory management and maintenance processes which are directly linked to the assets that produce revenue at work in manufacturing organisations. This is made possible by the encompassing services provided by Mainsaver CMMS.

CMMS solutions offered by Mainsaver include enterprise asset management, maintenance optimisation, integration with alliance partners and strategic business systems. All these are synchronised to dynamically deliver the knowledge and information that is needed by the customers of Mainsaver to operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

An exclusive set of resources has been developed by Mainsaver for executing all its strategies. At the centre of the solution offered by Mainsaver is the Mainsaver EAM-CMMS application.

Mainsaver EAM-CMMS application serves as an information repository and primary asset management toolkit of the organisation. Further, work flow management, maintenance planning, purchasing and MRO inventory are all integrated into Mainsaver.

Mainsaver, as a provider of hosted CMMS solutions, offers its customers every benefit of Mainsaver CMMS without the additional costs and hassles of traditional client-server systems.

Mainsaver CMMS includes network architecture, hardware and facilities, data recovery services, revision control and updating and data backup/archiving.

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