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Mining companies to realise significant cost savings with new asset management solution from Mainpac and SYSPRO

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article image Mainpac’s Executive Chairman James Kirk (left) and SYSPRO’s General Manager, Asia Pacific Shaun Butler

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider SYSPRO and enterprise asset management (EAM) software provider Mainpac have come together to present a new pre-integrated solution that will enable mining companies to reduce maintenance costs and improve plant reliability.
Mainpac’s Executive Chairman James Kirk describes the combined offering as a solution that integrates best-of-breed EAM and ERP technology to benefit mining industry operators.
James explains that mining is an asset-intensive business with maintenance accounting for 30-50% of a mine site’s overall costs, an area where companies can gain efficiencies and a competitive advantage.
In addition to being asset intensive, mining is also a heavily regulated industry where equipment is frequently audited to make sure the correct parts are in place and the machinery is well maintained. Maintenance managers must be able to provide accurate records for compliance and auditing purposes, a process that becomes much faster and less labour intensive with the use of an effective, best-of-breed EAM system.
Though many ERP providers offer solutions that include asset management capabilities, the asset management component is usually an afterthought and often inadequate to meet the requirements of asset intensive businesses, necessitating the company to seek another solution.
However, thanks to the partnership with SYSPRO, Mainpac is able to offer a comprehensive ERP system and a specialised, best-of-breed EAM system working together in a pre-integrated solution that will benefit mining companies from the start.
Key benefits of the Mainpac/SYSPRO pre-integrated ERP/EAM solution:

  • Implementation is easier and faster thanks to the pre-integrated solution
  • Scalability enables companies to start small and expand their use across multiple sites or divisions as needed
  • Substantial savings and operational efficiencies achieved via the capability to track and manage asset availability and performance
  • Applies maintenance strategies according to an asset’s criticality to the business
  • Identifies warranty opportunities
  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Reduces the number of spare parts and consumables held across multiple sites
Mainpac’s software, Mainpac 2011 was developed in consultation with research partners Cooperative Research Centre for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM).
According to James, reliability tools within Mainpac 2011 such as the Criticality Matrix and Maintenance Strategy Decision Tree enable customers to quickly identify key assets and develop a maintenance strategy based on practical considerations.
He adds that Mainpac 2011 integrates easily with SYSPRO’s ERP system as well as with operational and SCADA systems for greater visibility and automation across the business.
SYSPRO General Manager Asia Pacific Shaun Butler says the joint offering will give customers control over key assets and enterprise wide business processes in one fast implementation. Mining customers can take advantage of a comprehensive, best-of-breed ERP and EAM solution at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

He believes the partnership now enables SYSPRO ERP users to gain interactive dashboards, workflow capability across an entire enterprise, accessibility from anywhere and anyhow, flexibility in deployment, total scalability, and a complete out-of-the-box solution that works seamlessly across all areas of the business without the need for any customised integration.

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