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Mainpac partners with CIEAM to deliver better asset management software for industry

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Mainpac  has become the Australian software participant with the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM).

Mainpac is an Australian software vendor providing enterprise asset management solutions to asset intensive industries.

The alliance will develop solutions aimed at improving the efficiency and sustainability of infrastructure and engineering asset management, allowing mining, manufacturing and various asset intensive industries to formulate long term strategies to optimise asset use and sustainability.

Under the partnership, CIEAM’s research results will find their way into future Mainpac software solutions. Research now underway will address the application of standards such as ISO 15926 and MIMOSA to provide interoperability of asset management information systems, consistent asset management information auditing and assessment methodology, support for infrastructure management through the combination of sensors and asset information models and multi-criteria decision support systems.

Mainpac Chairman James Kirk, who with CIEAM Chief Executive Officer Professor Joe Mathew is driving the partnership arrangement, says that the new Mainpac software will help enable asset management strategies so that company directors can achieve stronger financial and operational performance of their assets and consequently better corporate governance.

Mainpac’s engagement is significant with James Kirk becoming a CIEAM board member, and the head of Mainpac’s development division in Adelaide, Michael Töns appointed an industry advisor to CIEAM, as well as being on the Centre’s research committee. Mr Töns is also project leader responsible for CIEAM’s input to a new suite of Mainpac software solutions.

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