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Mainpac launches innovative new capital budgeting and forecasting tool

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Asset management software company Mainpac presents an innovative new capital budgeting and forecasting tool to help businesses automate capital asset-based planning while making effective decisions.

Using algorithms and MRO data to guide businesses in a structured, best practice approach to efficient asset management, Mainpac’s new Budgeting and Forecasting tool ensures strict compliance of client organisations’ business movements with the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard.

Mainpac’s tool draws and analyses data from several platforms in real-time from asset management technologies, and enterprise resource planning and financial systems. Using real-time information from numerous sources allows for deeper insight into operations, and improved clarity in planning and making strategic decisions.

The advanced scenario planning function in the tool allows for multiple scenarios to be generated and compared, enabling users to explore the potential outcomes of various business decisions in real time. Scenarios can be applied and plans developed to manage them, allowing businesses to gain a definitive advantage against competitors. The best option outcome can then be exported back to the company’s internal Asset Management Software system for implementation, significantly saving time across the entire process.

Mainpac’s Budgeting and Forecasting tool is an ideal solution for effective and convenient asset management and corporate decision-making, targeting Australian businesses seeking to maximise operational effectiveness and return on investment while minimising total cost of ownership and time updating spreadsheets.

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