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Oils, additives and chemicals offered by Mainlube Superior Maintenance Lubricants

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Mainlube Superior Maintenance Lubricants  offers a range of products which include oils, additives, greases, aerosols and chemicals. Oils contain various types of products such as gun and rifle lubricant, food and pharmaceutical lubricant, nil deposit synthetic high temperature lubricant, food grade synthetic high performance lubricant, food grade penetrating lubricant aerosol, compressor and hydraulic lubricant, refrigeration compressor lubricant and various others.

Mainlube 110 SB Food and Pharmaceutical Lubricant has a long life and high purity. It has been designed for gearboxes, compressors, chains and hydraulics to name a few. Mainlube 110 is a food lubricant that has been approved and is ideal for use in factories where food processing for consumption of animals or humans takes place.

Mainlube 110 from Mainlube Superior Maintenance Lubricants has been designed for use in specific applications where there is contact of incidental lubricant with packaging materials or edible products. The formulation of Mainlube 110 meets the criteria that have been set out in the US code of Food and Drug Federal Regulations.

Food grade synthetic high performance oil offered by Mainlube Superior Maintenance Lubricants is ideal for rotary vane, rotary screw, air, piston and refrigeration compressors, gearboxes, hydraulics, chains, airlines, bearings and slides.

Food grade SHC (Synthetic hydrocarbon) base oil has been blended with specific antioxidation additives for extending the intervals for oil change by controlling oxidation.

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