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Magnum Australia standardises B3XRA pumps for tankers

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Magnum Australia , a manufacturer of water carts and associated equipment for the mining and construction industry, has standardised a big 3” Aussie self priming pump, B3XRA, for some classes of its tankers. Magnum chose the Aussie big 3” pump for a number of engineering features not found in other 3” pumps.

Magnum has chosen the big 3” Aussie B3XRA cast iron semi trash pump for its Yanmar diesel engine as the prime power unit. The pump provides high flow for fast fill combined with high pressure capabilities suitable for Magnum sprayers and monitors.

The electric start mechanism of the pump is located in the cab enabling the operator to control the pumping functions from the driver’s seat. It will pump up to 1500 litres per minute and has a maximum head of 40 metres.

The Aussie B3XRA has a number of features that include a big open vaned impeller that will pass small solids in suspension without affecting the pump’s performance. A stainless steel wear plate is also incorporated in the design and a handy front mounted cleaning facility enables the operator to clean the pump out without disconnecting pipe work.

Magnum Australia incorporates the pump into its rear mount pipe work system with a super efficient plumbing design that minimises friction loss and maximises pump performance. It will self prime from 6 metres, enabling operators to draft water from creeks, streams or dams to fill the tanker fast and efficiently.

The pump is rubber mounted to absorb vibration whilst pipe work is all attached to the pump with rubber mounted flanges, also designed to absorb vibration and maximise pump and engine life.

The Aussie B3XRA is an ideal tanker pump and is available in cast iron, zinc free bronze or 316 grade stainless steel configurations making it ideal for aggressive water. A hydraulic drive version of the same pump is currently under trial by Magnum. The pump features a virtually dust proof drive system.

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