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Magnetic water softener units from Magnetic Water Australia

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Magnetic Water Australia  provide magnetic water softener units that can reduce water ionisation, calcification, algal growth and scale build up properties in water. Magnetic water improves water filtration especially with Reverse Osmosis (RO) units. It improves bacterial function of disinfectants and removes fine particles in the purification or recycling of waste water.

As water enters the magnetic water softening system, it becomes anti–magnetised. This inhibits the minerals in water from bonding and causes them to repel each other. This finally results in inhibiting calcification and scale build up, resulting in soft water.

The magnetic water softening system, provided by Magnetic Water Australia, can reduce the surface tension of water, leading to a better bonding between liquids like fertilisers and cordials, when added to water. These magnetic water softening systems do not remove anything from the water.

Water softeners increase alkalinity of the cleaning solution that may damage skin and other materials being cleaned. The magnetic water softening system will prevent iron staining of plants. These units do not use any chemicals and there are no detrimental effects either. Magnetic water can be used by farmers on their crops as it increases the fertiliser efficiency and root growth, providing quality and profitable yield.

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