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Magnetic water for rural Australia from Magnetic Water Australia

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Magnetic Water Australia  provide magnetic units that can produce magnetised soft water for various rural applications. These units alter the water molecule structure, thereby allowing the water to be used more effectively. They increase productivity in farms, when used.

According to various scientific tests, Magnetic Water Australia have proved that using magnetic water, generated through the magnetic units, on plants have improved crop production up to 23 per cent. This study was carried out by the University of Western Sydney.

Magnetic units were also tested by the United States Testing Centre, to determine the effectiveness of magnetic water treatment in preventing boiler scale build-up. Tested samples were found to have the same chemical composition but varied x-ray distraction analysis. Thus, this proved that the samples were physically different.

Customers can visit the official website of Magnetic Water Australia for a detailed explanation and usage of magnetic Units. The magnetic units, provided by Magnetic Water Australia, can also be used in filtration equipment, spas, hospitals, hotels, ice-making machinery, fitness centres, residential houses, restaurants, hot water heaters, boilers, laundries, coffee shops and many more.

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