Magnetic Automation News

Case study: Installing gates with restricted run-off constraints
07.07.2015 - Magnetic Automation recently installed an offset bi-parting gate for a bus terminus yard with restricted run-off constraints.
Flat packed gate developed for easier transport and installation
06.07.2015 - Magnetic Automation has developed a new flat-packed gate designed for simple transportation and installation anywhere in Australia.
Case study: Solar powered vehicle traffic management solution
03.07.2015 - Magnetic Automation installed one of their solar powered boom gates at the entrance of the staff carpark at a healthcare facility.
Magnetic’s heavy duty cantilever gates and pedestrian turnstile installed at oil and gas plant
10.06.2015 - Magnetic Automation installed two STG heavy-duty cantilever gates and an MPT pedestrian turnstile for an oil and gas plant.
Case Study: Installing perimeter security for airport service providers
09.06.2015 - Magnetic Automation recently installed an MTT telescopic track gate at an international airport to function as perimeter security.
Magnetic installs pedestrian turnstiles at gas plant construction site
20.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation manufactured and installed their MPP pedestrian turnstiles at a gas plant construction site to control the flow of workers.
Magnetic Automation releases rail stabling gates
19.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation has introduced a new range of high security gates for train stabling yards.
Six Magnetic retractable barriers control pedestrian movement at transport provider
13.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation installed six retractable barriers for a transport provider to control the entry and exit of pedestrians in restricted areas.
Magnetic boom gate installed to automatically control traffic in 1-way lane
12.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation supplied and installed an MHTM Parking Pro boom gate to control the safe entry and exit of vehicles through a one-way passage lane.
Magnetic installs six cantilever gates at wastewater plant to prevent unauthorised access
11.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation recently installed six MCG cantilever gates at a wastewater treatment plant.
Magnetic supplies five IP65 turnstiles to mine site
08.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation supplied five IP65 rated turnstiles featuring a traffic light system to an international mining company for their mine site.
Magnetic Automation introduces preventative maintenance program for their products
07.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation announces a new preventative maintenance program for their automated gates, barriers and access systems.
Magnetic installs track gates, boom gates and a cantilever gate at major distribution centre
06.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation supplied and installed two 12-metre MTG track gates, three MHTM boom gates and one MCG cantilever gate for a major distribution centre.
Magnetic’s cantilever slide gates and turnstile ensure perimeter protection at mine site
05.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation installed heavy duty industrial cantilever slide gates and a full height turnstile at a mine site to prevent unauthorised entry.
Magnetic installs trackless bi-folding gates to prevent unauthorised entry at food facility
04.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation supplied and installed safety trackless bi-folding swing gates at a food manufacturing facility to prevent unauthorised entry.
Magnetic’s boom gates and card reader bollards control access at market
01.05.2015 - Magnetic Automation installed 14 MHTM boom gates and card reader bollards at a newly established wholesale fruit and vegetable market.
Magnetic’s 15M wide bi-parting gate and boom gates control vehicle access at warehouse
30.04.2015 - Magnetic Automation recently installed a 15-metre wide bi-parting gate along with two boom gates for a warehouse storage facility and distribution centre.
Magnetic installs vandal resistant full height turnstiles at food retailer’s distribution office
29.04.2015 - Magnetic Automation installed four programmed turnstiles at the distribution office of one of Australia’s leading food retailers to ensure safety.
Magnetic installs access boom gates designed to withstand tough weather conditions
28.04.2015 - Magnetic Automation recently carried out a multi-site installation of eight MHTM access boom gates at four locations in Western Australia.
Magnetic Automation installs light curtains on MCG cantilever gate at high-end security facility
09.04.2015 - Magnetic Automation supplied and installed light curtains on an MCG cantilever gate at a high-end security facility.
Magnetic Automation installs LED boom gates at caravan park for increased visibility
08.04.2015 - Magnetic Automation recently installed three MHTM boom gates at the entrance of a caravan park to increase visibility and safety.
Case Study: Increasing security on site
31.03.2015 - Magnetic Automation was recently involved in a maximum security implementation at a correctional facility.
Magnetic Automation installs cantilevered boom gates on mine site
19.12.2014 - Modular cantilever sliding gates from Magnetic Automation were installed at a major mine site in Australia.
Magnetic Automation now certified for Quality, Environment and Safety
08.12.2014 - Magnetic has been certified to Quality ISO9001:2008 since 2000.
Case Study: Installing boom gates to increase warehouse worker safety
27.11.2014 - Magnetic Automation recently met the pedestrian safety requirements of a client by installing two MHTM boom gates in the loading dock area of a warehouse.
Slide gates from Magnetic Automation
03.12.2012 - Magnetic Automation offers various types of sliding gates to suit different applications.
MSG swing gates and MRG railway gates from Magnetic Automation
30.11.2012 - Magnetic Automation offers a range of security swing gates and railway gates designed for access control.
Security bollards from Magnetic Automation
29.11.2012 - Security bollards from Magnetic Automation are made in Italy and designed to secure areas from unauthorised traffic.
MHTM MicroDrive traffic barriers from Magnetic Automation
28.11.2012 - Magnetic Automation introduces the new MHTM MicroDrive traffic barriers featuring an innovative drive technology to offer low maintenance, high performance and various operational modes.
Full height MPT security turnstiles from Magnetic Automation
27.11.2012 - Magnetic Automation presents a range of full height turnstiles designed for access control in perimeter locations outside buildings.
Rising step barriers from Magnetic Automation
30.07.2012 - Rising step barriers available from Magnetic Automation are designed to prevent unauthorised vehicles from crashing through controlled entry and exit points.
Perimeter protection solutions from Magnetic Automation
16.07.2012 - Magnetic Automation offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of various market segments.
MicroDrive boom gates from Magnetic Automation
10.07.2012 - Magnetic Automation presents MHTM MicroDrive boom gates featuring the innovative drive technology that delivers high performance and speed with zero maintenance.
MHTM MicroDrive's Magnetic.Access boom gates from Magnetic Automation
09.07.2012 - The MHTM MicroDrive series of boom gates from Magnetic Automation has been developed as a boom gate solution aligned to the needs of operators and users.
Magnetic Automation introduces MHTM MicroDrive boom gates
02.07.2012 - Magnetic Automation presents the new MHTM MicroDrive family of boom gates designed for low maintenance and high performance.
Products for pedestrian access offered by Magnetic Automation
15.05.2008 - Magnetic Automation offers different types of products for pedestrian access that include tripod turnstiles, swing gates, retractable MPR, full height turnstile, retractable MPW, guiding systems and accessories.
Automatic gates and barriers offered by Magnetic Automation
13.05.2008 - Magnetic Automation is a part of Magnetic Autocontrol that supplies clients with parking gates, barrier and parking barriers, security gates, parking control, automatic barriers, turnstiles and electric gates.
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