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Products for pedestrian access offered by Magnetic Automation

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Magnetic Automation  offers different types of products for pedestrian access that include tripod turnstiles, swing gates, retractable MPR, full height turnstile, retractable MPW, guiding systems and accessories.

Magnetic Automation offers the MPP 112 series pivot barriers that have been designed to control exiting or entering restricted areas for pedestrians which are generally under surveillance in low security situations.

This design of the MPP 112 series pivot barriers offers an antitailgating and cost effective result with a bar rotation of 3 x 120 degrees.

Magnetic Automation also offers the MPS Series of swing gates that have been developed to offer a user friendly access barrier for two-way and one-way pedestrian traffic control. Operation in either a 2 x 90° or 1 x 90° bi-directional mode is achieved by pre-selecting the relevant MUC controller function.

The MPT52/53 series of full height turnstiles offered by Magnetic Automation have been specially developed to control concurrent two way pedestrian control of two independent turnstiles, where there is availability of limited space.

Turnstile offered by Magnetic Automation has been intended as a modular system and it can simply be assembled on site by hand, without the need of heavy lifting devices.

MPR retractable panel barrier is a user friendly solution that offers a typical throughput of up to sixty people for each minute.

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