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Magnet Sales Australia stocks powerful magnetic sweeper

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The new super sweeper magnetic broom recently available from Magnet Sales Australia is ideal for every factory and warehouse. Magnet Sales Australia’s magnetic super sweeper is great for protecting people and machinery from injury or damage caused by metal pieces on the work area floor.

The Super Sweeper magnetic sweeper is designed to pick up small magnetic pieces such as nails, screws, nuts, washers and swarf off the floor. Using a magnetic broom or sweeper is much faster than a normal broom and very user friendly.

The magnetic super sweeper is extremely user friendly and very simple to clean. The black handle on the top of the magnetic sweeper body is simply pulled straight up and the collections on the magnetic broom are instantly released. These collected magnetic pieces can then be quickly disposed of.

Workplaces can be Made safer today by using a magnetic super sweepers to pick up metal from floors and walkways. Magnetic brooms are also a very useful tool, often used in high vehicle traffic areas to reduce tyre damage on cars and trucks, machinery etc. caused by metal pieces puncturing tyres.

Magnet Sales Australia has recently supplied these Magnetic Brooms to warehouses, shipyards, oilrigs, factories and race tracks and much more. 

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