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Lifting Magnets from Magnet Sales Australia

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Magnet Sales Australia supplies lifting magnets to fabrication, mining equipment and construction companies across Australia. Pro-Lift Lifting Magnets are engineered for ease of use and have a 3:1 safety ratio built in for optimum safety.

Lifting magnets are a safe, efficient way of loading and unloading heavy steel plates and pieces and removing heavy components from profile cutting beds.

Heavy duty lifting magnets

  • These lifting magnets come standard with lifting capacities ranging from 100KG to 6000 KG
  • The lifting magnets are easily turned on or off 
  • Safety features built in do not allow the magnet to be turned on if there is insufficient thickness of magnetic material for the lifting magnet to sink its field into
  • Magnet Sales Australia can help with testing of load strengths of lifting magnets and privide a lifting magnet load test certificate
  • All certificate and lifting magnet testing procedures are done in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4991 which covers magnetic lifting equipment and magnet load testing.

Magnets squares and magnet clamps
Along with lifting magnets, Magnet Sales Australia is also a major supplier of magnets for clamping such as magnet squares and magnet clamps in the metal fabrication and welding industry.

  • Neo magnets and rare earth magnets
  • Ferrite magnets
  • Magnetic sheeting 
  • Rare earth pot magnets

Magnet Sales Australia also supplies magnets for suspending or holding cables and hoses and magnets for retreiving broken drill parts from bore holes.

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18/04/17 - Magnet Sales Australia (MSA) installed a rare earth magnet pulley for a waste processing company to collect unwanted tramp iron and metal fragments.
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05/04/17 - A leading Sydney-based bakery contacted Magnet Sales Australia (MSA) for a solution to resolve lifting problems in their maintenance workshop.
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26/10/15 - Electromagnetic lifting magnets from Magnet Sales Australia are designed to lift and transfer heavy iron scrap in scrapyards and ports or process plants.
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15/10/15 - Magnet Sales Australia has released a new magnetic square that presents a safe and easy way to clamp pieces of steel.
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