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COGELME Overbelt magnetic separators for recycling available from Magnet Sales Australia

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Magnet sales Australia  are the Australian distributor of a range of high intensity Italian built Overbelt self cleaning magnetic separators for extraction of ferrous pieces and contamination specialising in recycled waste and other conveyed product. The COGELME Overbelt magnet is placed at right angle or at the trajectory of the product and ferrous metal pieces are collected on the overbelt magnet and cleaned automatically by the moving belt on the surface of the magnetic separator.

COGELME Overbelt magnetic separators with permanent magnets are of the following two types:

  • With Ferrite permanent magnets for optimal extraction of middle and large-sized ferrous metals
  • With Neodymium permanent magnets for elimination of tiniest parts of ferrous metals

The main advantage of an COGELME Overbelt magnetic separator lies in free magnet maintenance and no need of electric current for generation of magnetic field. Overbelt electromagnetic separators are designed for extraction of heavy pieces of ferrous metal, and extraction of ferrous metals from thick materials.

COGELME Overbelt self cleaning magnetic separators are an essential piece of equipment to avoid costly plant damage caused by metal pieces getting into crushers, extruders and compactors. As well as preventing damage, self cleaning COGELME Overbelt magnetic separators and eddy current separators can upgrade and purify products to increase their value and profitability.

COGELME Overbelt self cleaning magnets can be used on trough conveyor belts, flat conveyor belts, slow moving conveyor belts, fast moving conveyor belts and inclining/declining conveyor belts. Overbelt self cleaning magnets can also be situated at the discharge of vibro feeders. Due to powerful far-reaching magnetic fields of COGELME Overbelt magnetic separator, iron separation from product stream is sharply precise. As no power source use is needed, the COGELME Overbelt magnetic separator offers a low-cost solution for continuous iron extraction. Along with Overbelt magnetic separators, Magnet sales Australia are also distributors in Australia and New Zealand for a range of high quality Italian built eddy current separators for effective extraction many of non ferrous materials from product. The eddy current separator will also extract ferrous metal at the same time using the magnetic pulley at the head of the eddy current separator housing.

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