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Varieties of magnets from Maglab Magnets

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Maglab Magnets  provides varieties of magnets and other magnetic products, that can be used for many applications. The Neodymium magnets also called as super magnets from Maglab Magnets are rare earth magnets. This type of magnets are plated with nickel and are used in magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic separators, high performance motors, therapy, electronics, etc. The Ferrite magnets from Maglab Magnets, are used for high resistance applications. These magnets are used in separators, therapy, speakers, craft, electric motors, material building and so on.. Both Neodymium and Ferrite magnets exists in the shapes of discs, rods, rings, blocks and holding magnets.

The Alnico magnets from Maglab Magnets are commonly used as rod or bar magnet for hall effect sensors and reed switches. The Alnico magnets are available in different shapes like bars, rods, pots, shallow pots, buttons, power and horse shoe magnets. The Samarium magnets from Maglab Magnets are very strong rare earth magnets.

The Magnetic flyscreen kits are available in the Maglab Magnets. These magnetic flyscreens can be used for steel, wooden and aluminium windows. The Maglab Magnets supplies plastic magnetic products, printed magnetic products, and adhesive magnets. The products list of Maglab Magnets also includes a wide range of magnetic tools.

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