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Magnetic labels for use in stock control

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MAGNETIC labels from Maglab Magnets are now available for steel shelving in white, red, yellow, blue, green and orange for further control over stock.

They can be easily written on, applied to steel shelving or direct to steel products and moved from one location to another.

The labels are 0.6mm thick for extra grip and available in any size up to 600mm wide.

Permanent markers can be used to write on the labels, as well as white board markers to write on/wipe off. Personalised stickers can also be applied on the labels.

Self-adhesive magnetic sheets are available to attach to a computer generated printout - simply peel off the backing sheet, apply the printed matter and cut to size.

Maglab Magnets can even supply printed magnetic labels with a company’s part number, description etc. After agreeing on a format, customers can email all the information required to Maglab Magnets and they will print it onto the magnetic labels.

Magnetic labels not only improve the look of a warehouse but improve efficiency, logistics and stock control.

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