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Easy construction flyscreens kits from Maglab Magnets

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article image Easy construction flyscreens kits from Maglab Magnets

Maglab Magnets offers magnetic flyscreen kits, designed to make flyscreen construction an easy task.

The flyscreen kits are available in black, white, brown and beige colours and are suitable for wooden, steel and aluminium windows.

Easily constructed, these magnetic flyscreen require the following components:

  • flyscreen mesh
  • self adhesive magnetic tape
  • plastic edging; and
  • self adhesive corner pieces.

Maglab Magnets' flyscreens  are easy to install by simply following these instructions:

1.Surface must be flat and at least 15mm wide

2.Surface must be free of all grease and dirt. Wipe in one direction with alcohol wipe

3.Cut self adhesive magnetic tape to size with scissors or knife

4.Ensure horizontal lengths are full length and vertical lengths are cut 25mm shorter. Do not angle cut magnetic tapes

5.Remove backing tape from one side of the magnetic tape, part A and adhere to window frame. Ensure a 2mm gap on the outer side to allow for the plastic edging

6.Place part B of magnetic tape on part A, magnetic to magnetic.

7.Remove backing tape from part B magnetic tape. Stretch mesh and fix to magnetic tape

8.Trim mesh to fit frame

9.Cut plastic edging to size. Ensure horizontals are 30mm shorter than the frame size and vertical lengths are full lengths. This ensures there is no weak spot in the corners

10.Using a caulking gun (not supplied) apply thin bead of V60 Glazing Silicone to mesh and magnetic strip and apply plastic edging. Push firmly

11.Remove backing tape and apply self adhesive corner pieces into position

12 .Allow 24hrs to dry before lifting screen off magnetic tape

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