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Entry level GPS survey system

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MAGELLAN GPS Systems has announced the new Ashtech ProMark2 survey system, claimed to be the smallest, lightest and most affordable GPS survey system ever made.

ProMark2 delivers high-quality results at the lowest cost of any entry-level, high-precision system - just $9,995 for a 2-receiver configuration with software.

In addition, the ProMark2 is the first and only system to deliver a combination of post-processed, centimetre-level static survey capabilities with stand-alone, real-time, 5 metre reconnaissance, navigation and mapping capabilities, all in a single system.

By selecting the navigation mode, surveyors can perform two important tasks: job-site location and point reconnaissance.

Simply enter the address or coordinates and the ProMark2 will navigate users to within five metres to the project site or known point. Navigation screens direct the user toward the destination while displaying bearing, heading, distance, speed, and more.

In addition, ProMark2 shows the user's position on a map. The optional built-in map database includes all of Australia's main roads, highways, waterways, railways and more.

Additional Australian street detail plus unsealed roads, tracks and Points of Interest are available by downloading data from Magellan MapSend Streets software.

In the survey mode, the ProMark2 accurately and productively establishes control on new or existing points, providing point positions with centimetre-level accuracy.

Unlike traditional optical surveying equipment, GPS requires no line-of-sight between survey points. This significantly increases productivity since traverse legs can be longer, and often point to point.

Surveyors can use ProMark2 in a 2-receiver configuration or, for added productivity, expand the system to include three or more receivers.

Surveyors can also use ProMark2 with traditional optical survey instruments in cases where the use of GPS alone is not feasible.

Each system includes two or more ProMark2 GPS receivers with accessories, including antennas and cables, field bags, mounting brackets, measuring tapes, instruction manuals and more.

Each system also includes one Ashtech Solutions V2 post-processing software package.

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