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Westermo Fibre Optic modems from Paqworks

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Paqworks is the exclusive distributor for Westermo Industrial Data Communications, in Australia and New Zealand. Manufactured and designed in Sweden, Westermo Fibre Optic modems are often used in data communication systems to bridge long distances at high data rates.

Fibre optic systems are particularly immune to electromagnetic interference, and therefore excel in harsh industrial environments. Fibre optic cable is also hard to tap, which provides an enhanced level of security.

Westermo Fibre Optic modems can transmit data at up to 4Mbits/s over distances of up to 25km depending on fibre type. Single mode and multi modem modems are available.

Applications for the modems include; Point to Point Multimode, PROFIBUS-DP to fibre, Redundant ring and multidrop PROFIBUS-DP to fibre, Point to Point RS-232 to fibre, Redundant ring and multidrop RS-232 to fibre, Point to point RS-485 to fibre, and Redundant ring and multidrop RS-485 to fibre.


  • Automatic data rate detection and retiming
  • All PROFIBUSDP data rates up to 12 Mbit/s
  • 9-position D-sub PROFIBUS-DP connection
  • Redundant power supply inputs
  • Status interface for fault indication
  • LED fault indication (Red)
  • Design for harsh environments
  • –40 to 07°C operating temperature
  • LC-2 Multimode LC connectors, 2 km
  • LC-15 Singlemode LC connectors, 15 km
  • LC-40 Singlemode LC connectors, 40 km
  • LC-80 Singlemode LC connectors, 80 km

Paqworks has a complete range of Westermo Industrial Networking products available. With extensive experience in industrial communications, Paqworks has a solution for all video, Ethernet and Serial Data communications.

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