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Paqworks releases new SCADA cyber security device

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Paqworks  located in Sydney has released a new SCADA cyber security device designed to secure SCADA networks from hackers, viruses, worms and other malicious attacks.

Electricity, water, gas, communications, sewerage and transport are now subject to physical and cyber attacks which can have catastrophic ramifications.

SCADA systems were created with the intention of remote monitoring, control and safety of essential services.

SCADA systems have been traditionally built without security in mind. Ironically security is the current issue in the SCADA industry today.

The AdsTec Cyber Security firewall has been designed to lock and control your SCADA networks. It is important to monitor, separate and control interconnected networks. The firewall has a large range of impressive security features which enable a complete security solution.

Cut and stop:

The Ethernet uplink can be physically disconnected through a 24 V input. This safely rules out intentional or unintentional external manipulation.


If a rule is violated an alarm signal is reported to a control centre, measures can be automated directly.

Event logbook:

An event logbook with retentive memory stores all events, even when the firewall is disconnected from the power supply. The event logbook is password protected.


Built in display can be used to quickly configure basic functions. It is possible to obtain a system analysis directly from the display

Managed switch:

Networks can be segmented and secured from outside access. It is possible to connect multiple networks or terminals into one firewall. Ports can be switched off individually to prevent unauthorised data traffic monitoring.

Remote access:

Service access is via a secure port. Connecting to the firewall is possible from the new Paqworks Cybertec GPRS/3G SCADA modem.

Cyber security features:

  • Data filtering for layer 2 and layer 3
  • Data prioritisation
  • Filter rules such as POP3, Modbus TCP and PROFINET
  • Secure data traffic through Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Stateful inspection
  • New encryption algorithms
  • PSK, X.509v3 authentication
  • VLAN prioritisation
  • STP (spanning tree protocol)

Paqworks has a total SCADA solution starting with physical site security from Mobotix Megapixel IP cameras, 3G SCADA modems and SCADA cyber security firewalls.

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