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Paqworks release Westermo Industrial ISDN Modem

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article image The Westermo IDW-90 ISDN modem

New from Paqworks IP CCTV and Industrial 3G Modems (Paqworks) is the Westermo IDW-90 ISDN modem. The Westermo IDW-90 industrial ISDN Terminal adapter has been developed with high speed industrial data communications in mind. The Westermo IDW-90 supports both an RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces and is designed to meet the European ISDN standard DSS1. All standard ISDN transport protocols are supported including HDLC transparent, V.110 asynchronous, X75, PPP and ML-PPP.

The unit has one digital opto-coupled input that can be used to trigger services. The Westermo IDW-90 also has a relay output with NO-NC contact. The relay output can be controlled from a remote Westermo modem (PSTN, GSM, 3G and ISDN).

The Westermo IDW-90 features configuration with DIP-switch, AT-commands and a configurator for local as well as remote configuration. A supporting Windows-based configuration tool is also available.

The Westermo IDW-90 also has an internal analogue V34 modem enabling connections from ISDN to analogue modem end locations. The combination of analogue and ISDN modem with V.110 protocol support makes the IDW 90 specially suited for mixed environments as the ISDN connected modem can be reached from ISDN, analogue GSM and 3G networks.

Paqworks is the exclusive distributor for Westermo in Australia.

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