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Paqworks release HSUPA Modem for Remote Video Surveillance

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New from Paqworks is the Cybertec Series 1000 industrial 3G/HSUPA Cellular modem. Designed and manufactured in Australia the Cybertec series 1000 provides a flexible and reliable communications platform for interfacing with IP/CCTV cameras through 3G or NextG Cellular networks.

HSUPA provides increased uplink data rates of up to 2.0 Mbps and downlink data rates to 7.2 Mbps. The improvement in upload speed creates new opportunities for a variety of previously unavailable applications. Client generated content such as remote video transmission and security monitoring is now achievable.

The Cybertec Series 1000 come standard with two Ethernet ports, eliminating the need for an external switch in applications where a remote LAN is made up of only one or two devices. The switch is fully managed and can support VLAN & QoS functionality.

Features of the 3G and NextG Modems

  • Telstra NextG 850, 1900, 2100 Mhz
  • HSUPA download of 7.2 Mbps and upload of 2.0 Mbps
  • Voltage of 10VDC - 60VDC
  • 1-3 RS232 ports
  • 2 Ethernet LAN ports
  • 2 Optional dry contact Digital Inputs
  • 2 Optional dry contact Digital Outputs
  • Firewall
  • OpenVPN/IPSec
  • SNMP Management
  • DHCP server on LAN interface
  • DNP3

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