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Paqworks introduces AdsTec rugged media controller

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article image AdsTec MCR 5000 rugged media controller

New from Paqworks is AdsTec MCR 5000 rugged media controller.

The AdsTec MCR 5000 rugged media controller has been designed as an all in one pc that directly connects to the back of a flat screen monitor.

The significance of public displays as a modern communication medium continues to grow.

Public buildings, trading floors, exhibitions, conferences and with point-of-sale installations there are many potential opportunities.

The AdsTec MCR 5000 rugged media controller was specially developed for use with flat screens.

The flat construction and design allows for the first time, an optically integrated mounting solution at the display itself.

Convenient handling, VESA mounting, robust diecast magnesium casing, enables direct attachment to the bracket.

Integrated controller platform

  • Magnesium and steel casing, therefore stable
  • Direct attachment of the monitor to the media controller
  • Quick-mount metal adapter plate for fast installation of the panel on the media controller without removing the panel's VESA bolts
  • Closed all round to protect against dirt and harmful dust accumulations
  • Unwanted noise avoided through fanless passive cooling
  • No rotating parts, and therefore no critical hardware components in the device
  • Easy handling, as all interfaces and drives are housed on one side
  • Safety lock for closing the slots for external hard disks, (optional) DVD and CompactFlash

Powerful PC platform

The AdsTec MCR 5000 rugged media controller is a future-proof controller platform for an enormous range of applications.

The industrial design and the components used have been developed to provide many years of use and maximum availability.

  • Fanless embedded construction with passive cooling
  • Scalable Intel Pentium M processor performance
  • The same platform will be available for many years due to use of Intel's long-term roadmap processors – software adaptations are not needed if service is required
  • Up to 2 GB RAM and 2 MB second level cache
  • 2 x CompactFlash sockets (accessible externally/internally) for operation without hard disk
  • It is possible to install the operating system (XP Embedded or Linux) and the media application on a secure flash memory, with the media content itself being stored on a standard hard disk
  • Monitor supply via integrated 115 / 230 V/AC link, without additional cable, directly at the media controller
  • ACPI power management
  • Integrated stereo speakers
  • Optional WLAN radio modules / IRDA remote control / integrated DVD drive

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